Dear Best Man,

You just can’t believe it.. The day is almost here when you have to give the biggest speech of your life. You’re worried that you’ll be the laughing stock of the wedding….

You’ve not got anything written down yet and you don’t even know where to start.

You’re thinking: “why did he have to choose me!

I understand, I’ve been there too. I know you’re worried about this stuff too:

  • You Don’t Want To Mess Up Your Best Friends Most Important Day of His Life
  • You’re losing sleep already dreading your speech.
  • You’re worried there’ll be an awkward silence, that your jokes will bomb and you’ll look like a fool.
  • You’ve been asked to write and present a best man speech, but don’t even know where to start.
  • You want to give the ‘best’ best speech possible and not ruin your best friend’s wedding.

Best Man Speech Nightmare

We’ve all witnessed them, either live or on T.V. Those horrible and awkward Best Man Speeches that just make you cringe. The Best Man stands, a hush descends on the Wedding party and all eyes turn to him expecting that a hilarious, well-written speech.

But he’s so obviously unprepared and nervous that it even makes you blush because you’re embarrassed for him! He looks and sounds ridiculous!

Now YOU have been asked to stand up in front of the entire wedding and entertain them.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned public speaker or have never given a speech before, Giving a Best Man Speech is Stressful. If you’re not properly prepared with a well-written, funny and sincere speech, You WILL Bomb.

You Are Not Alone

In a 2009 University survey on Wedding Speeches:

* 78% of Best Men admitted they were so nervous they couldn’t eat before their speech.
* 65% lost sleep worrying about their speech.
* 85% felt like their speech could have been better.
* 69% of Grooms were disappointed by their Best Man’s speech.

Don’t Be Another Statistic.

Your Bride and Groom expect you to be prepared. It’s YOUR responsibility.

Avoid Embarrassment. Get the Best Man Speech Solution.


These Guys were as nervous

“I Was SO Nervous”

“I was SO nervous. I really didn’t want to let Brett (the Groom) down. Thank god for BestManSpeechHQ.com. I used one of the pre-written templates and added in a few of the killer jokes. I had so many compliments about my speech. Thanks!”

David Marnett New York City


“Almost Out of Time”

“Seriously! I was almost out of time. I’d put-off writing the speech right until the last minute. I stumbled onto the site and printed out one of the already written speeches. Brilliant. Totally saved me!”

Justin Cook Chicago, IL

Its Hard to Believe

But most of the best, most confident and well-paid speakers in the world are just guys like you.

The only difference is that they are well-prepared with killer material they have 100% faith in. Knowing you have a great speech gives you the confidence to perform.

You’re walking back from the stage to your seat at the top table. You know you’ve just given a killer speech.You’ve only got to listen to the applause and cheering to know it was a job well done.The Groom is laughing, the Father of the Bride pats you on the back and the bridesmaids smile.

That was EASY!.

The BMSPHQ Can Make

  • Avoid Last Minute Panic. 10 Original Full-length Best Man Speeches. Download and Print a speech instantly so you don’t need to research, plan or write anything at all. Ideal if you’re short of time.
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  • Ideal for Any Groom. Customized Brother, Roommate, Best Friend, Co-worker (and many more) templates lets you add the best jokes and lines. Just a quick cut and paste job required.
  • Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes. The Best Man Speech Checklist ensures you don’t forget anything or include anything inappropriate. A surefire way to a winning speech.
  • Guaranteed: Perfect Speech Delivery. Step-by Step Guide to remove any fear of giving the speech and deliver the perfect speech. You’ll sleep easy and enjoy the Wedding Day.
  • Entertain and Amuse. Tried and tested jokes, one-liners and put-downs. You’ll have the audience in the palm of your hand.
  • Open Strong and Finish Like a Pro. Get an instant Confidence Boost following easy-to-remember Opening Lines. Any last-minute nerves will evaporate into thin air when you see the audience react to these gems.

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“So Great”

“One of the Guests asked me for tips! My Best Man speech was so great, one of the guests at the wedding asked if I could help him with HIS Best Man Speech. Little did he know, my speech was printed straight out from BestManSpeechHQ!!”

Paul Kingsley London, England


“I Didn’t Know What to Include”

“”I had spoken in public before but I didn’t know what to include in my Best Man Speech. I used one of the templates from BestManSpeechHQ and added some of the jokes. Took me about 45 minutes and was worth every cent. A+”

Jeff Gordon Austin, TX

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How Much Time

Why waste time trawling through search results trying to find decent bits of content to include in your Best Man Speech?

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Even if you do manage to write a Best Man Speech completely from scratch, how do you know it covers all the required Best Man topics?

What if you’ve missed an important toast?

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Assuming you have an appetite that is!

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Now, ask yourself… is the new feeling of accomplishment you’ll have once you’ve sat down after delivering a Killer Best Man Speech worth the price of Breakfast?

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Heres What You Get

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Good Luck with Your Speech!
James Freeman

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